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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2020, MPGR Hospitality is a visionary culinary group specializing in the development and management of unique gastronomic concepts. Drawing inspiration from diverse culinary traditions, our primary focus is on creating relaxed and enjoyable fast-casual dining and delivery experiences that truly connect with our guests. At MPGR Hospitality, we pride ourselves on our end-to-end concept development approach. From the inception of an idea to its full realization, we meticulously curate every aspect of our brands. Our team, led by founder Matias Palloni and Gonzalo Rubino, works tirelessly to ensure that each concept is a true reflection of our passion for quality and innovation. ​ One of our key strengths lies in our portfolio of proprietary brands. We believe in creating distinct culinary identities that offer something extraordinary to our guests. With our own in-house management team, we have full control over the operations of our fast-casual restaurants, enabling us to provide a consistent and exceptional guest experience across all our locations. ​ Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We carefully select the finest ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible, to craft delicious, made-from-scratch dishes. By prioritizing high-quality ingredients, we strive to deliver remarkable flavors that delight and satisfy our guests. ​ As a leading player in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, we understand the importance of efficiency without compromising on excellence. Our commitment to quick and efficient service allows our guests to enjoy our delectable offerings even in their busiest moments. We believe that great food should be accessible to everyone, and our QSR model enables us to bring exceptional dining experiences to a wider audience. At MPGR Hospitality, we not only value culinary excellence but also embrace sustainability. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. From utilizing upcycled and environmentally friendly materials in our restaurant designs to prioritizing responsible sourcing and waste reduction, we strive to be at the forefront of sustainability in the hospitality industry. ​ Our vision is to create unforgettable dining and food delivery experiences that celebrate the local community and its unique perspectives. By collaborating with local artists, we infuse our concepts with captivating visual elements that showcase the essence of each location and pay homage to the vibrant spirit of our city. ​ As MPGR Hospitality continues to grow, we remain committed to our core values of culinary creativity, impeccable service, and sustainability. Together, let's embrace the future of fast-casual dining and embark on an extraordinary culinary journey!

Who We Are

ABOUT Matias Palloni



One of the two founders of MPGR Hospitality is Matias Palloni, born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With his extensive experience in the gastronomy industry, Matias plays a pivotal role as a driving force behind our company. His meticulous attention to detail, unwavering dedication, and consistent approach have been instrumental in the successful development and operation of our QSR concepts. Matias's expertise in management and organization is crucial to ensuring seamless execution and optimal performance across all aspects of our business. His deep understanding of the industry, combined with his ability to adapt to changing trends and customer preferences, allows MPGR Hospitality to stay at the forefront of the fast-casual dining landscape. With his passion for culinary excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences, Matias brings a unique perspective to our team. His leadership skills and hands-on approach inspire our staff to strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. As a co-founder, Matias Palloni embodies the core values of MPGR Hospitality and is an integral part of our continued growth and success. His contributions, along with those of our dedicated team, are driving us forward as we redefine the fast-casual dining experience and continue to exceed the expectations of our valued guests.

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ABOUT Gonzalo Rubino



The other half and co-founder of MPGR Hospitality is Gonzalo Rubino, born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gonzalo brings a creative flair and a passion for developing new concepts within our company. His role encompasses not only the creative aspect but also active involvement in the operational management of our QSR brands. Gonzalo's visionary mindset and innovative approach are vital in shaping the unique identity of our concepts. He is constantly exploring fresh ideas, seeking inspiration from various sources, and pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation. Gonzalo's creativity ensures that each MPGR Hospitality brand has a distinct and captivating character that resonates with our guests. In addition to his creative responsibilities, Gonzalo plays a key role in the operational management of our QSR brands. By actively participating in decision-making processes, he ensures that our concepts are not only creatively appealing but also operationally efficient and successful. Gonzalo's contributions help create a harmonious blend of creativity and practicality, allowing our concepts to thrive in the competitive fast-casual dining industry. As a co-founder, Gonzalo Rubino is an essential piece of the puzzle that drives MPGR Hospitality's success. His collaboration with the team and ability to make informed decisions based on a balance of creativity and practicality enriches our overall approach. Together with his partner Matias Palloni, Gonzalo spearheads our company's growth and ensures that every aspect of our business is nurtured with collective expertise and vision.

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